Message From the Owner

We are more than a carbide cutting tool manufacturer. Our mission is to be a valuable partner in our customers’ success by utilizing cutting edge technologies to provide the highest quality cutting tool manufacturing, regrinding, machining, and consulting services directed at impacting what matters most: productivity, efficiency, reliability, quality and cost.

Our expert team brings several years of experience across multiple industries to serving our customers in the pursuit of achieving their business goals.

How We Add Value to Operations

Process Improvements

We assist customers in meeting key productivity indicant metrics that directly impact overall profitability and growth.  We help achieve these results by providing high quality tooling, advanced engineering, innovative consulting services, world class customer service, and some of the fastest lead times in the industry.

Cost Savings

Don’t throw away those old tools too soon.  Instead, use our Regrinding service to extend tool life up to 85% with no drop off in performance, and at costs up to 80% less in replacement costs,

When new tools are needed, take advantage of our Discounted Tool Service at costs up to 25% less.

Ease of Doing Business

We make it easy to work with us by offering services that make it convenient for our customers, including pickup & delivery, fast response times, live customer service, in-house technical support, onsite troubleshooting availability and onsite training classes availability. 

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